The Conaway way

Generations of Experience

Welcome to Conaway Beef, which has been proudly operating since 1979. For over four decades, we’ve dedicated our lives to providing our customers with the highest quality beef products possible.

Raising cattle since 1979

We started out as a young couple with a big dream. With hard work and challenges woven into every day on the ranch, our kids love to say, even if we won the lottery, we wouldn’t change a thing – and they’re probably right. We keep long hours but enjoy working together as a family and have had the pleasure of watching our children and now grandchildren take part in this unique way of life. We’re proud to have served our community for so many years and look forward to continuing to do so for many more to come.

Our cattle

Our multi-generational ranch is located in sunny DeLeon Springs, Florida, where we raise our cattle in spacious pastures and feed them a healthy and natural diet. We prefer black Angus cattle for their strong maternal and marbling abilities. We’re with our cattle every day and enjoy nothing more than watching new calves grow. We believe treating our animals with kindness and respect is essential to producing delicious and nutritious beef and work tirelessly to ensure that every cut of meat we sell meets our strict standards for quality and freshness.

Why local beef?

Buying from Conaway Beef means you can enjoy fresh, flavorful meat that has been raised using sustainable and ethical farming practices. You can be confident in knowing exactly where your beef comes from and how it was raised, without the need for long-distance transportation or factory farming practices. By purchasing locally, you are supporting a small family-owned business in your community.

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