Pasture raised cattle

Located in DeLeon Springs, Florida

Our cattle are raised using sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring our customers get the best quality beef possible. When you purchase a quarter, half, or whole animal, you have the opportunity to customize your order by selecting specific cuts and sizes. Whether you are a busy family aiming to save time on grocery shopping each week, or an avid home cook looking to experiment with different cuts of beef, we have options that fit your needs.

No added hormones

Quality Beef Since 1979

Family owned and operated

Grass Fed

  • Grass Fed Whole: 450 – 500 lbs.

  • Grass Fed Half: 225 – 250 lbs.

  • Grass Fed Quarter: 113 – 125 lbs.

  • All grass fed weights are based on an average hanging weight as each animal is unique in size.


  • Grass Fed: $5.00 per pound

  • Grain Finished: $5.15 per pound

  • Pricing is based on hanging weight and includes all processing charges.

  • Processing includes cut and wrapping, labeling of cuts, freezing and boxing for pick up.

Grain Finished

  • Grain Finished Whole: 550 – 650 lbs.

  • Grain Finished Half: 275 – 325 lbs.

  • Grain Finished Quarter: 138 – 163 lbs.

  • All grain finished weights are based on an average hanging weight as each animal is unique in size.

The difference

Grass versus Grain-finished

We’re proud that our cattle get to live their entire lives on grass. Our grass-finished beef comes from cattle that are raised on a natural diet of grass and forage, while grain-finished cattle have the option of grass and grain during later months leading to harvest. Grass-fed beef tends to be leaner, with a richer flavor, while grain-finished beef tends to be more tender and well marbled, often with a milder flavor. Ultimately, the choice between grass or grain-finished comes down to personal preference. Which way tastes better – well that’s the million-dollar question!

How it works

The Process

Buying beef from us is slightly different than buying it from the grocery store.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Place an Order

Contact us directly to place your order.

Step 2

Select Your Cuts

Our processor will contact you to discuss your cut preferences.

Step 3

Pick Up Your Order

Pick up your order directly from our processor in nearby Seville, Fl.

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